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  • Cutting-edge
    Aviation Technologies
  • Innovations in
    Meteorogical Support
  • Improvement of Air Traffic
    Control Technologies
  • Prospective Flight
    Safety Systems
BANS Took Part in HeliRussia 2018

From May 24 to May 26, 2018, the XI International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2018 was held at Crocus Expo, Moscow, where BANS exhibited its prototype of the helicopter onboard situational awareness system for helicopter crews (BSSO-B) for the first time.

Russian Nationwide UAV Exhibition and Conference at IANS Aerodrome

Russian Nationwide Exhibition and Conference “Unmanned Aerial Technologies for the Russian Fuel & Energy Sector” will be hosted by IANS on May 31, 2018 at Orlovka Aerodrome. The event is held under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

IANS  Took Part in 3rd International Forum on Civil Aviation Safety

IANS participated in the 3rd International Forum on Civil Aviation Safety that took place in Beijing, China, from May 22nd to 23rd,2018. 

IANS Remote Video Surveillance System Receives IAC Certificate

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has certified the first Russian remote video surveillance system developed by IANS. Similar certification activities are also being carried out by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya).

EUROCAE ED-250 Published

European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) has published ED-250 "Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for a Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)". The document sums up almost 2 years of intense work and discussions within the working group WG-101, where...

About Company

JSC "International Aero Navigation Systems Concern" (IANS) was established in 2011 aiming at realization of innovative projects in the field of air traffic management, communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS /АТМ) as well as meteorological aero navigation services.

IANS is proud of its team consisting of high level recognized experts in the sphere of aircraft engineering, software development, satellite navigation and telecommunication technologies, surveillance and environmental monitoring, flight safety systems and other areas related to aero navigation sphere as well as meteorological support of aviation.

IANS offers comprehensive integrated solutions as well as equipment and systems elaborated to maintain an effective and safe utilization of airspace at all flight phases.

Our production is developed to equip airdromes and regional air traffic management centers. This production includes ground-based, airborne and space equipment which implements CNS/ATM technologies to provide all airspace users with aero navigation information. Flight safety systems including meteorological sector are also part of our product range.

Among our innovative projects there are the Integrated Wake Vortex Flight Safety System (IWVFSS) and the Low Level Wind Shear Alert System (LLWSAS). LLWSAS is based on the data of LIDAR Wind Profiler WINDEX- 300 designed in cooperation with the Laser Systems. Vortex situation and low-altitude wind shear data are displayed in the flight deck via Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) produced by the USA Astronautics Corporation. The Low Level Wind Shear Alert System based on laser scanning obtained certificate of the International Aviation Committee. Nowadays IANS professionals and the Laser Systems are implementing the first Russian LLWAS system at Vladivostok airport.

Aiming to ensure our competitive advantages we bet on the development of aero navigation technologies in compliance with prospective demands of ICAO. The professionals of IANS work as full members in the following work and target groups:

  • ICAO Wake Turbulence Search Group (WTSG);
  • RTCA Radio Engineering Commission of USA (SC-206);
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE);
  • European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE);
  • Corporation ARINC.
  • слайд 9 УКДП EN

    Our projects:

    Remote Video
    Surveillance System

  • слайд 1 лидар EN

    Our projects:

    Low Level Wind
    Shear Alerting System

  • Слайд 12 mtp-5 EN

    Our projects:


  • Слайд 13 Линго EN

    Our projects:


  • Слайд 14 полином EN

    Our projects:

    Multiposition Airfield
    Surveillance Radar
    System "Polinom"

  • слайд 4 UAMS EN

    Our projects:

    Automated Weather
    Observing System

  • слайд 5 вихри EN

    Our projects:

    Wake Vortex
    Flight Safety System

  • Слайд 8 Монокль EN

    Our projects:

    Meteorological Radar
    Station "Monocle"

  • Слайд 9 Пума-с EN

    Our projects:

    Onboard Satellite
    Unit "Puma-S"

  • Слайд 10 Виртуоз EN

    Our projects:

    Visualizaton &
    traffic control
    system "Virtuos"

  • слайд 11 сварог EN

    Our projects:

    Meteo Complex