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  • Cutting-edge
    Aviation Technologies
  • Innovations in
    Meteorogical Support
  • Improvement of Air Traffic
    Control Technologies
  • Prospective Flight
    Safety Systems
BANS Took Part in HeliRussia 2018

From May 24 to May 26, 2018, the XI International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2018 was held at Crocus Expo, Moscow, where BANS exhibited its prototype of the helicopter onboard situational awareness system for helicopter crews (BSSO-B) for the first time.

Russian Nationwide UAV Exhibition and Conference at IANS Aerodrome

Russian Nationwide Exhibition and Conference “Unmanned Aerial Technologies for the Russian Fuel & Energy Sector” will be hosted by IANS on May 31, 2018 at Orlovka Aerodrome. The event is held under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Energy.

Russian Air Force Day and IANS 5th Anniversary Celebrated at Orlovka Airfield

On August 27, 2017 IANS flight base Orlovka hosted an air show dedicated to the Russian Air Force Day and 5th anniversary of IANS Concern. Among the guest were representatives of Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Industry and Trade, Federal Air Transport Agency, State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, State ATM Corporation, UAC, TsAGI and many others.

The celebration was attended by a total of 2,000 visitors, with more than 50 aircraft flying. Among them were An-2 light multipurpose aircraft, RV-7 lightweight aerobatic aircraft developed by the US company Vans Aircraft, Czechoslovakian trainer aircraft Aero L-29 "Dolphin", Soviet short-haul aircraft Il-14 , model copies of Yak-130 and MiG-29 aircraft.

The air show offered the viewers a rich program, including aircraft pilots demonstrating their skills in single and group departures, gliders and parachutists, as well as on-stage performance groups. IANS Concern would like to offer special thanks to aerobatic group "Chelavia", parachutists of Tver Flying Club and all the guests who shared with us this celebration day and offered a truly unforgettable experience.

All guests are always welcome at Orlovka aerodrome with its doors open to everyone.

IANS experimental flight base for testing of new technologies and equipment is located at Orlovka aerodrome, Tver region, Pogoreloe Gorodishche village.

The airfield is officially certified for night takeoffs and has two runways – a 20m x 800m asphalt-concrete strip and a 80m x 120 m, as well as hangars with a total area of up to 2,500 sq.m including a heated aeroplane shed for repair and maintenance works. A certified aviation training center "Nebosvod-Avia" also operates at the aerodrome.

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  • слайд 9 УКДП EN

    Our projects:

    Remote Video
    Surveillance System

  • слайд 1 лидар EN

    Our projects:

    Low Level Wind
    Shear Alerting System

  • Слайд 12 mtp-5 EN

    Our projects:


  • Слайд 13 Линго EN

    Our projects:


  • Слайд 14 полином EN

    Our projects:

    Multiposition Airfield
    Surveillance Radar
    System "Polinom"

  • слайд 4 UAMS EN

    Our projects:

    Automated Weather
    Observing System

  • слайд 5 вихри EN

    Our projects:

    Wake Vortex
    Flight Safety System

  • Слайд 8 Монокль EN

    Our projects:

    Meteorological Radar
    Station "Monocle"

  • Слайд 9 Пума-с EN

    Our projects:

    Onboard Satellite
    Unit "Puma-S"

  • Слайд 10 Виртуоз EN

    Our projects:

    Visualizaton &
    traffic control
    system "Virtuos"

  • слайд 11 сварог EN

    Our projects:

    Meteo Complex