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IANS Remote Video Surveillance System Receives IAC Certificate

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) has certified the first Russian remote video surveillance system developed by IANS. Similar certification activities are also being carried out by the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya).

EUROCAE ED-250 Published

European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) has published ED-250 "Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for a Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)". The document sums up almost 2 years of intense work and discussions within the working group WG-101, where...

IANS Hosted First EUROCAE Meeting in Russia

On September 19-21, 2017 a meeting of EUROCAE WG-100 was held for the first time in Russia at IANS premises. The session gathered representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of CCTV systems, such as Frequentis AG (Austria), INDRA, Kongsberg Defense Systems (Norway), SAAB (Sweden), Thales...

IANS Hosts EUROCAE WG-100 Meeting

A meeting of the international working group EUROCAE WG-100 / Remote and virtual towers will be held on September 19 -21, 2017 at IANS head office and experimental flight base Orlovka. The working group includes representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of CCTV systems, such as...

IANS Receives IAC AR Certificate

On August 31, 2017, the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR) certified the Automated Weather Observing Station (AWOS) following the successful testing at the Orlovka air base. The certificate was issued to Aviation Meteorological Systems (AMS), one of the companies of...

Double holiday in Orlovka

On August 19, 2017 IANS aerodrome Orlovka hosted the now-traditional annual air show dedicated to the 105th anniversary of Russian Air Force, as well as the 6th anniversary of IANS. The show was opened by IANS Director General Mikhail Kizilov piloting a A-22 "Aeroprakt" and included performances of...

IANS Took Part in MAKS-2017

On July 18-23, 2017 the Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky, hosted the bi-annual International Aviation and Space Salon "MAKS". The event had traditionally gathered a large number of participants and visitors from all over the world. IANS also took part in the exhibition and presented its remote video...

IANS Becomes Partner of 5th FAI World Aerobatics Yak-52 Championship

IANS has become a partner of the 5th FAI World Aerobatics Yak-52 Championship (WAYAKC 2017) which will take place on July 9-16 2017 at the historic military airfield Klokovo in Tula. Over 40 sportsmen from 15 countries will participate in the international competition, including individual...

IANS Received US Patent for Wake Vortex Flight Safety

IANS employees S.V. Alekseev, N.A. Baranov, A.S. Belotserkovsky and M.I. Kanevsky have received US patent No. 9,466,220 B2 for the method and on-board system for ensuring the minimum longitudinal separation distance under wake turbulent conditions.

Remote Video
Surveillance System
Intended use

Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) is a non-cooperative surveillance means designed to provide round-the-clock surveillance (including in low visibility conditions) and control of aircraft, vehicles and other objects in the airport movement area (on runways and taxiways), as well as of aircraft during landing and takeoff.

RVSS is developed in accordance with EUROCAE ED-40 (Technical Requirements for Minimum Performance Characteristics for Optical Systems of Remote Airport Traffic-Control Tower) and Russian Preliminary National Standard №137-2016 (Remote Video Surveillance System. General Requirements).

RVSS is an automated solution for the following tasks:
  • ground traffic monitoring for aircraft, vehicle and other objects in the airport movement area, as well as aircraft performing landing and takeoff operations using optoelectronic surveillance systems;
  • provision of surveillance information to the controllers ensuring airport ATS;
  • registration and playback of surveillance information.
RVSS Functions
  • Receiving video surveillance data from automated surveillance modules (TV, IR and PTZ cameras) installed on the airfield
  • Simultaneously operating in several surveillance modes:
    • panoramic TV view (daytime) and IR view (nighttime) under normal weather conditions in the "out-the-window" format
    • detailed view using PTZ cameras
  • Monitoring of areas of artificial runways and adjacent taxiways not visible from the tower
  • Monitoring of mobile objects (aircraft and vehicles) visible in the line of sight in the airport movement area
  • Zoomed-in display of the selected object or sector
  • Switching from one panoramic image to another
  • No-interference receipt of the same panoramic image by several operators
  • Automatically adjusting the camera focus for detailed viewing using the autofocus function or custom settings
  • Manual control of PTZ cameras
  • Documentating and storing video surveillance data for at least 14 days and its playback on the operator's workstation display

RVSS consists of 2 sets of stand-alone surveillance module (SASM). Each SASM set includes:

  • SASM with a panoramic view:
    • stationary panoramic TV cameras with a fixed field-of-view angle angle – 6 pc.
    • stationary panoramic IR mode cameras with a fixed field-of-view angle – 4 pc.
  • SASM with a detailed view:
    • rotating PTZ camera with a detailed view – 1 pc.

The set of data transmission means includes cross-connect and network equipment and ensures network capacity of at least 1 Gbit/s.

Data processing and storage system includes:

  • servers for data processing, registration and storage (redundant) – 3 pc.
  • technical control and management server (redundant) – 1 pc.
  • Network Time Protocol server for providing RVSS components with precise time marks in the NTP format (redundant) – 1 pc.
  • RVSS software

ATC tower system includes:

  • SUP workstation – 1 pc.
  • RWY ATCO workstation – 1 pc.
  • TAXY ATCO workstation – 1 pc.
  • Admin workstation for system control and configuration – 1 pc.
  • Operator’s workstation for data playback and recording – 1 pc.
  • RVSS software
Technical characteristics
Panoramic TV Mode (in the absence of visibility limitations)
Field of view, ° At least 180×20
Number of resolution elements, pixels At least 5M (5000×1000)
Frame frequency, fps At least 15
Minimum light intensity in the area, lux 5000
Detection range, from the camera installation site, daytime:
- vehicle, m Up to 2000
- light airplane, m Up to 3000
Detailed TV View (PTZ) Mode (in the absence of visibility limitations)
Optical zoom At least 20х
Number of resolution elements, pixels At least 1280×720
Detection range, from the camera installation site:
- person, m Up to 2000
- vehicle, m Up to 4000
- light airplane, m Up to 5000
- in azimuth, ° 360
- in elevation, ° At least -45...+45
- with angular speed, °/s At least 40
Vnukovo RVSS realization
Vnukovo RVSS key features
  • Instrumental visual surveillance (video surveillance) of traffic in remote areas and areas without direct visual observation of the Runway 2 (RWY-2), as well as in other RWY-2 sectors with adjacent taxiways within the camera coverage.
  • Video surveillance data acquisition and processing given a difficult topography (the middle of the runway is elevated by 17m), in daytime, during twilight, at night (only for RWY-2 thresholds), in bright sunlight (optionally: when meteorological conditions, such as visibility and cloud base, worsen).
  • Display of video surveillance data on 2 RWY positions and 1 SUP position in the Vnukovo tower control room:
    • Panoramic TV image of the RWY-2 situational environment (as "out-the-window" view), including remote areas and areas without direct visual observation;
    • Detailed image created by a PTZ camera for quickly selectable areas (holding position, lineup, big and small crosses, intersections and RWY-2 exits);
    • Panoramic IR-image of RWY-2 sectors from thresholds to the touchdown zone for МК-13 and МК-193 in nighttime conditions.
Vnukovo RVSS parameters

Field of view of each surveillance module in panoramic TV mode:

  • in horizontal plane – 180°;
  • in vertical plane – view of the artificial RWY-2 (01/19) and RWY-2 adjacent taxiways;
  • possible detection range during the daytime: for objects of the "vehicle" type– up to 2000 m; of the "light airplane" type – up to 3000m from the camera installation site (Johnson's criteria).

Field of view of each surveillance module in panoramic IR mode:

  • in horizontal plane – 60°;
  • possible detection range for objects of the "vehicle" and "light airplane" types – up to 2000m from the camera installation site (Johnson's criteria).

Field of view of each surveillance module in detailed view mode (PTZ camera):

  • Optical zoom – 18х;
  • Directing – 0÷360° in azimuth, -45°÷45° in elevation with the angular speed of at least 40°/s;
  • possible detection range for objects of the "vehicle" and "human" types – up to 2000m, of the "light airplane" type – up to 5000m from the camera installation site (Johnson's criteria).

Frame frequency in any mode: at least 20 fps

Vnukovo RVSS Advantages
  • RVSS allows augmenting the existing visual observation of the airfield from the tower cab with the capability of instrumental visual control of remote areas and areas without out-the-window view, as well as of the entire RWY-2.
  • RVSS enables nighttime surveillance (of Vnukovo RWY-2 areas between the thresholds to the touchdown zone).
  • RVSS ensures detailed control for quickly selectable areas (holding position, lineup, big and small crosses, intersections and RWY-2 exits) and other areas of concern within the camera observation field.
  • RVSS allows detailed monitoring of the aircraft's flight in the final approach sector.
  • Upon the Customer’s request, RVSS has the capability of: an expanded field of daytime and nighttime surveillance of the entire movement area, enhanced tracking functions, control of unauthorized runway entry/ incursion and other safety functions.
RVSS as Basis for A-SMGCS Implementation

RVSS video data can be augmented with information from other surveillance sources (airport surveillance radar, SSR, MLAT, ADS-B), meteorological sensors (LIDARs), etc. integrated when being displayed on panoramic screens in the ATS room. This integration allows reducing the number of indicators on the controller’s workstation.

In addition, integration with electronic surveillance data (radar, etc.) makes it possible to control such data in an easy-to-interpret form - by comparing visually observed objects and the presence of electronic surveillance tags.

Thus, at least two tasks are solved:

  • Cutting down technological operations associated with the traffic data processing resulting from a decrease in the number of indicators monitored by the controller;
  • Monitoring electronic surveillance data by combining video data and electronic surveillance data.
Innovative Solutions for RVSS Information Display

Remote Video Surveillance System is interfaced with "Virtuoz" unified workstation to ensure integration of video surveillance data with data obtained from other sources available at the airport.

Virtuoz is a multifunctional unified workplace for airport specialists (controllers, service operators) ensuring operation, control, management, of aircraft and vehicle traffic in the terminal area.

To solve the objectives of aircraft and vehicle traffic control in the airport movement area, Virtuoz allows integrating and displaying data from various sources in an innovative 3D format, with quickly changeable observation points and viewing angles.

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