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EUROCAE ED-250 Published

European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) has published ED-250 "Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for a Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS)". The document sums up almost 2 years of intense work and discussions within the working group WG-101, where...

IANS Hosted First EUROCAE Meeting in Russia

On September 19-21, 2017 a meeting of EUROCAE WG-100 was held for the first time in Russia at IANS premises. The session gathered representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of CCTV systems, such as Frequentis AG (Austria), INDRA, Kongsberg Defense Systems (Norway), SAAB (Sweden), Thales...

IANS Hosts EUROCAE WG-100 Meeting

A meeting of the international working group EUROCAE WG-100 / Remote and virtual towers will be held on September 19 -21, 2017 at IANS head office and experimental flight base Orlovka. The working group includes representatives of the world's leading manufacturers of CCTV systems, such as...

IANS Receives IAC AR Certificate

On August 31, 2017, the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR) certified the Automated Weather Observing Station (AWOS) following the successful testing at the Orlovka air base. The certificate was issued to Aviation Meteorological Systems (AMS), one of the companies of...

Double holiday in Orlovka

On August 19, 2017 IANS aerodrome Orlovka hosted the now-traditional annual air show dedicated to the 105th anniversary of Russian Air Force, as well as the 6th anniversary of IANS. The show was opened by IANS Director General Mikhail Kizilov piloting a A-22 "Aeroprakt" and included performances of...

IANS Took Part in MAKS-2017

On July 18-23, 2017 the Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky, hosted the bi-annual International Aviation and Space Salon "MAKS". The event had traditionally gathered a large number of participants and visitors from all over the world. IANS also took part in the exhibition and presented its remote video...

IANS Becomes Partner of 5th FAI World Aerobatics Yak-52 Championship

IANS has become a partner of the 5th FAI World Aerobatics Yak-52 Championship (WAYAKC 2017) which will take place on July 9-16 2017 at the historic military airfield Klokovo in Tula. Over 40 sportsmen from 15 countries will participate in the international competition, including individual...

IANS Received US Patent for Wake Vortex Flight Safety

IANS employees S.V. Alekseev, N.A. Baranov, A.S. Belotserkovsky and M.I. Kanevsky have received US patent No. 9,466,220 B2 for the method and on-board system for ensuring the minimum longitudinal separation distance under wake turbulent conditions.

IANS Experimental Flight Base in May

IANS Concern is pleased to present you a new video of our experimental flight base at Orlovka airfield. The video was shot from a quadcopter to demonstrate day and night activities of the flight base. We have also added the shooting of our bear as a small informal bonus to put you in good spirits :)

"Pavlin" Orphanage Students at IANS

On April 22, 2017, children from "Pavlin" Orphanage visited IANS office at the invitation of IANS Director General Mr. Mikhail Kizilov. The young guests felt like real pilots on company’s lab benches, sat at the controls of airplane and helicopter simulators and tested the ATCO control panel. The...

IANS Introduced Svarog Mobile Complex during Ministry of Emergency Situations Exercises

On March 17 Troitskiy administrative district hosted a complex exercise "Actions of government bodies and forces of the Moscow City Emergency Prevention and Control System to prevent possible disasters and emergency situations, environmental and natural catastrophes due to the spring floods in...

A round table between representatives of the ICAO and Russian aviation industry took place at the International Forum “Development Perspectives for Global Air Navigation”

Among the participants of the round table held on February 8, 2017 were ICAO Air Navigation Bureau Director Mr. Stephen Creamer, Chief of ICAO Air Navigation Implementation Planning and Support Section Mr. Saulo de Silva, Member of International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries...

Low Level Wind Shear
Alerting System
Intended Use

LLWSAS - Low Level Wind Shear Alerting System, designed in cooperation with the Laser Systems is elaborated to increase flight safety level while takeoff and landing operations via:

  • operational remote sensing and display of information on vector direction and speed rate of air flow at given altitudes;
  • identification of low level wind shear and turbulence in airdrome, heliport areas and landing grounds;
  • operational low level wind shear and turbulence alert to all airspace users, including crews of aircrafts.

Measurements of wind velocity and direction at given altitudes is achieved through implementation of wind LIDAR profilers WINDEX-300 and WINDEX-5000. WINDEX-300 is the base component of the first Russian low level wind shear detection system in the adjacent airdrome area.


The principle of WINDEX-300 operation is the following: at dissemination of laser (probing) signal in the atmosphere it reflects with a certain frequency from airborne particles dragged with wind flow (i.e. aerosol, molecule), that results to a change of return signal frequency – Doppler effect.

WINDEX-300 was developed in compliance with GOST Р 50723-94 and SanPiN 5804-01 (Russian State Standards), it refers to safe laser products, and operates in invisible eye range. Is proven by ROSPOTREBNADZOR Conformance Certificate.

Альтернативное изображение

  • WINDEX-300 is issued by the Interstate Aviation Committee and ROSSTANDART Certificate on Instrumentation Pattern Approval.
  • WINDEX-300 verification as a measuring tool was carried out on the basis of NPO (scientific production association) "Taifun" of ROSHYDROMET (Obninsk) and Mendeleev Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Saint-Petersburg).
WINDEX-300 allows to detect:
  • vertical wind speed component
  • horizontal wind speed component
  • wind speed direction with regard to the direction to the north
  • headwind and tailwind components with regard to the runway
  • vertical wind shear at the along-wind component with regard to the runway direction
Other application areas:

WINDEX-300 can be applied to receive information about wind parameters at given altitudes during training flights, stunt flying, championships of aerobatic, gliding, balloons, airships, etc.

Besides mentioned spheres WINDEX-300 can be used in the sphere of wind energy for research purposes, as well as in the ecologically hazardous objects to provide pre-disaster planning to protect environment from pollution.

WINDEX-300 parameters:
  • Continuous operation mode
  • Wave length - 1.56 micron
  • Range: 3 – 300 m
  • Range of wind direction measurements: 0 – 360°
  • Range of measured speed: 0 - 55 m/s
  • Maximum permissible error:
    • Wind speed measurements: 10%
    • Wind direction measurements: 10°
  • Measurement time 4 sec (at one altitude)
  • Dimensions: 450 x 700 x 1250 mm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Power consumption:
    • 450 W with thermostabilization system
    • 200 W without thermostabilization system
  • Power voltage: 220 V
  • Lifetime: 20 000 h
Operation Conditions:
  • Temperature range from –50 to +60 °С
  • Maximum temperatures -65; +70 °С
  • Relative humidity at from 20 % to 98% (at 25 °С)
  • Atmospheric pressure from 600 to 1080 hPa
  • Resistance to influence of environment: rain, rime, dew, icing, dust, est.

Inclusion of WINDEX-5000 in LLWSAS provides additional geo-referenced and runway referenced 3D information about gust front altitude position.

WINDEX-5000 is a Next Generation 3D LIDAR with new operational functionality and advantages. It is low-sensitive to cloud coverage except for very dense and low clouds at altitude less than 250 meters.

WINDEX-5000 is capable of measuring the turbulence and detecting the horizontal wind shear and vertical gusts.

Remote sensing data may be transmitted to authorized MET centers to be assimilated in weather forecast models.

Альтернативное изображение

WINDEX-5000 parameters:
  • Scanning range: from 100 to 5000 m
  • Wave length: 1550 - 1570 nm
  • Pulse duration time - 400 nsec
  • Pulse energy - 100 mkJ
  • Positioning accuracy - not more than 0.1°
  • Scaning speed: 0.5 - 5 °/sec
  • Transfer time (without changes) - 45 °/sec
  • Averaging time: 0.1 - 15 sec
  • Spatial resolution - not more than 75 m
  • Measured wind speed: 1 - 60 m/sec
  • Wind speed measurement error - 0.25 m/sec
  • Direction measurement error - 5°
  • Operational temperatures: from -50°C to +50°C
  • Environmental resistance class - IP65
  • Dimensions: 1700 х 1000 х 880 mm
  • Weight: 145 kg
  • Power consumption: 800 W (with thermostabilization system)
WINDEX-5000 modes:
  • Circular Scanning at given bearing angles range with arbitrary elevation from 0° to 85°
  • Vertical Scanning at given range of elevation angles with arbitrary azimuth value
  • Wind field 3D mapping
  • Profiler Mode in an arbitrary direction (elevation angle ranges from 20° to 90°)


WINDEX-5000P is a modified version of lidar with extended measuring range. It is capable of operating in wake vortex scanner mode.

WINDEX-5000P parameters:
  • Scaning range: 100 - 10000 m (optional up to 13000 m)
    (wake vortex scanner mode range: up to 1500 m)
  • Wave length: 1550 - 1570 nm
  • Pulse duration time - 200/400 nsec (selectable)
  • Pulse energy - 100 mkJ
  • Positioning accuracy - not more than 0.1°
  • Scaning speed: 0.5 - 5 °/sec
  • Transfer time (without changes) - 45 °/sec
  • Averaging time: 0.1 - 15 sec
  • Spatial resolution - not more than 60 m
    (wake vortex scanner mode - not more than 30 m)
  • Measured wind speed: 1 - 60 m/sec
  • Wind speed measurement error - 0.25 m/sec
  • Direction measurement error - 5°
  • Operational temperatures: from -50°C to +50°C
  • Environmental resistance class - IP65
  • Dimensions: 1700 х 1000 х 880 mm
  • Weight: 145 kg
  • Power consumption: 800 W (with thermostabilization system)

Additionally, a cloud mapping function is currently being implemented, providing measurements of the height and thickness of cloud layer in the scanning area.

Complex Surface Weather Condition Monitoring Systems for Airports

Integration of contact and remote measurement tools for meteorological parameters

All-weather monitoring of the airport terminal area through the optimal combination of multispectral tools for measurement of atmospheric parameters

Integrated processing of multispectral meteorological data for timely forecasting of hazardous weather phenomena

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